Stuck in reverse

di Anna Angelkova

Apart of being the background chosen by Soltanto in his fundraising-video (which has achieved its purpose) and being performed remarkably by Marco Sbarbati, the Coldplay single “Fix you” seems to encapsulate in a particular way the state of mind of more and more young people.

We feel stuck in reverse

Are we going ahead or are we still in the same place?
We are a generation of opportunity seekers in this globalized world. Either we have the sensation of being stuck because of the lack of opportunities for reasons like crises and unemployment, or we have it because of the too-many-opportunities that are all crying out to us: “Take me!”

A lot of these possible placements (understood in the wider sense of the word), seem to us attractive in different ways and for different reasons.

They are appealing: “Take me!”, but they do not tell us how  we are going to feel after we actually do it. This is the huge risk we run once we make a decision in terms of our academic and/or professional career.

I would call people who feel like this “displaced”. And to give an example, I would like to share with you what a close friend of mine recently told me: “I had a clear idea and a dream about my future job. Yesterday I began an internship that I chose, in the field that I wanted, and I felt shocked. I don’t know if I can do it.” She felt deeply shaken by the experience. Federica is a student at Bologna University in the “Educational models and techniques for intervention in social unease”  master program. Fortunately, she has to do a compulsory internship to get her degree. And so she has had the chance to see a different reality from the one she had imagined.

But a lot of students do not have an internship included in their studies. And what remains for them? Struggling to realize what they want to do with their professional (and not only) future and taking the risk of getting

“what you want” and not “what you need”, as Coldplay sing.

Examining the relationship between “what you want” and “what you need” or between needs, expectations and realities could indeed be subject of another discussion.



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