#myjobintourism: un essay sulle competenze nel mercato del lavoro

smartketing2Pubblichiamo oggi il primo tra i migliori elaborati presentati dagli studenti al termine del ciclo di seminari in (S)mar(t)keting: Web marketing, social media marketing, web reputation and digital literacy.

L’elaborato di Mariana Campagnolo (studentessa della LM in Tourism Economics and Management per #smartketing ) si concentra su uno dei due temi proposti da trattare in circa 1000 battute: #myjobintourism e si ricollega a quanto scritto di recente da Alessia Angelo sul social media recruiting.


The present paper is a great opportunity to explain how much I have learned through  the interesting (S)mar(t)keting seminars and how many new things I could discover, that made me reflect upon certain very actual topics such as the role of social media nowadays and social recruiting, that is what I have personally deepen. I will than explain my personal motivations not to work necessarily in the tourism sector, but in other sectors, as export sales manager in multinational companies.

 The new shape of social recruiting

The seminars about (S)mar(t)keting I attended were not only interesting and held in a very innovative way, but they were also an opportunity for me to reflect upon actual subjects I had never thought about. One of the most interesting ones, was the role played by social media nowadays. The main idea is that, thanks to social media, the way of selling products has completely changed and even before of selling, also the way of advertising them, branding them; I was so interested in this topic that I wanted to go more in deep, not exactly on the point of selling or branding products, but on the point of “branding ourselves”.

As a matter of fact, nowadays, in the wider marketplace, we can and we should brand ourselves; through some articles and research papers I have gathered online, I have realized that this new way of “branding ourselves” is more spread than what I though; even before the coming of social media, people branded themselves but in a totally different way than today; what is particularly new, is that this new “branding” is very effective in job searching and in the hiring process, that is now called “social recruiting”. According to the survey of Jobvite Social Recruiting 2013, from 2008 to 2013 there has been an impressive increase in the use of social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to screen potential candidates in the hiring process; if the percentage of companies using social media to this goal was of 78% in 2008, nowadays it has reached 94%; it is clear that not only social media are used in this process, but also carrier sites, campus recruiting, job boards, and that not all social media are used in the same amount, the most used of them for this purpose is still LinkedIn. Social recruiting, not only is more used to know more about potential candidates, but according to this survey it would bring much more benefits to the company, as, for instance, saving time in the hiring process, more precisely selecting the candidates and improving their quality. According to another research of Jobvite and videos, spending time on social media, building up an online image of us, corresponding obviously to reality, is like a productive investment of time. Not only professional magazines, but also universities are focusing a lot upon this point: for instance, Columbia University has established a Centre for Career Education with a related online page, with a list of advices about how to handle with social media, what to avoid, what to public, how to deal with personal information online. Without any doubts, also in my opinion, this will become the leading way of hiring skilled employees, and we cannot expect to look for a job without paying attention on how to manage our social media profile.

On the other hand, anyway, I think that social media is just a tool helping human resource management in the hiring process and it should be handled in a very careful way. In some cases it can represent also a deviant and dangerous tool to use; it may happen that some candidates will be excluded in the screening process, just because of missing information on their social media profiles; we have also to take into consideration that a daily update of personal social media, which is really recommended, is time consuming and moreover, this cannot be considered as a yardstick to judge a persons’ behaviour or lifestyle. There are people totally engaged in their life and job, with so many interests but they just do not want to share this with other people. Sharing so many personal information also with unknown people, could mean having no more private life. As Glen Cathey writes in her article “How “social recruiting” has not changed recruiting on her blog “Boolean Black Bealt”, as a matter of fact social media have not changed so much the way of hiring people, because “social media / networking has undeniably added a new dimension to recruiting” but recruiting was already a social before; in her opinion, social media can be considered as an additional tool, used to improve the research of candidates, but not as the unique screening tool, because at the end of the day, after this analysis upon social media, we always get to the point of an interview with the candidate, either by phone, or personally, and this cannot be replaced, in any case.

So, what if we do not have time for social media? Well, it would be profitable for us to find it, because it really matters ; living in a globalized world, we cannot ignore the power of social media that brand us, because willing or not, they are already branding us, so we should use this tool in the best possible way; many researches have been made and articles have been written about the most profitable way of handling with social media, what are the most common mistakes to avoid, because everything will be visible outside to the world to let them understand who you are.

These techniques of branding products and services are very spread also in the tourism sector as we have seen, and many things have improved thanks to them. Social media bring closer to the people even unknown places and destinations, that thanks to a good branding strategy could develop a lot. Even if my wish is not to work necessarily in the tourism sector, I would use them a lot both in social recruiting and in branding a hotel or service or a destination; I would like more to work in an international company, in particular in the job position of export sales manager/assistant, because I would like more a job in team with the goal of letting the company grow in the best way, expanding the export abroad and above all travelling abroad; on the contrary, even if tourism would be an interesting job, it wouldn’t allow me to travel abroad, to deal with the department of export management, that it is what I like and I am fond of the most.

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